Our Story

Kristen Perri

The concept of Cheer360 was created in 2013 to fill a void in the cheerleading industry. Cheerleading is a constantly evolving sport that continues to increase the demands it puts on its athletes, both mentally and physically. With that ever-increasing demand, cheerleaders need a suitable strength and conditioning regimen to keep their bodies in peak performance condition and prevent injury. It is also vital to train the often-forgotten mental component of the sport because of its competitive nature. Cheer360 has created a community of knowledge and support where cheerleaders feel they can work to better themselves in a comfortable and safe environment.

Kristen and Arthur Perri, a husband and wife dynamic duo, are co-founders of this revolutionary program. Kristen is a cheerleading coach of 15 years, former figure competitor, and fitness enthusiast with an educational background in Sport Psychology. Her love for cheerleading, fitness, and mental game coaching was the driving force that created Cheer360. Arthur, with his extensive business knowledge is the behind the scenes guy who really makes it all happen!

Steffanie Traver, part owner of Cheer360 joined the team back in 2014. With her cheerleading experience and educational background in Exercise Science, she is able to share her extensive knowledge and passion for the sport with Cheer360 athletes of all ages and levels.

Since 2013, just as the sport of cheerleading has evolved, so has Cheer360. What started as primarily strength and conditioning classes for cheerleaders, Cheer360 has grown into something even larger. Along with the classes we provide we have become an educational platform for the “whole” cheer athlete for the entire cheerleading community.

While the Cheer360 program started on Long Island, New York, it has been steadily making its way across the country. Come join the movement and find out how to bring Cheer360 to your cheer community!