Become a Cheer360 Affiliate

A successful team is determined by many different factors… some of which we cannot control. However, there are many factors we CAN control such as:

  • Strengthening our athletes and keeping them healthy by using a consistent strength and conditioning program
  • Sharing nutritional guidelines to fuel your athletes to keep them energized and healthy
  • Connecting with athletes mentally by incorporating team building exercises, personal growth exercises, goal setting activities, etc. to increase the comradery of the team and to keep your athletes focused and clear headed

We understand that as a gym owner you have countless things to focus on, and finding time to develop and follow through on a full conditioning and team building program sometimes takes a backseat.

The truth is – inconsistency is INEFFECTIVE. We at Cheer360 have developed an easy to use, fun and EFFECTIVE program for you to start implementing in your gym today!

With our program, you receive:

  • Weekly workouts based on age/skill level
  • Full database of exercise tutorials
  • Bi-weekly Team bonding/mental fitness exercises
  • Monthly nutritional information for cheer athletes
  • Monthly check-in phone calls
  • Unlimited support via email or phone

Best part… we add additional revenue to your gym! We charge a flat rate for our service then YOU determine the price given to your athletes. You can offer our program to any teams/programs at your gym such as your all-­star teams, High School programs, or youth programs. Cheer360 will not only strengthen your athletes, but also strengthen your gym financially!